Since 2015, guided by a passion for design and architecture,
Atelier Déambulons has been creating original and unique structures in bamboo,
tailored to both tranquil indoor settings
and the constraints of external environments.

Our workshop

At a crossroads between furniture, scenography and land art, Atelier Déambulons has become known for its
‘Bamboo cocoons’, awarded the Janus label by the French Design Institute.

All our creations are custom-made for each customer and perfectly adapted to the needs of modern, everyday life. Their light structures offer total creative freedom, enabling the most complex shapes and most daring dimensions.

All our products are designed and made entirely in France, from French and European bamboo. Bamboo is a material of the future, recognised for its speed of renewal and the low quantities of resources needed for its development.

Environmentally-friendly design is in the very DNA of Atelier Déambulons.
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All our products are designed and made entirely in France. We have also decided to work with local suppliers and service providers to keep our environmental impact to a minimum.

As part of this approach, we use French bamboo producers as much as possible. If local production proves insufficient, we can also rely on a network of European producers.

The Déambulons story began in Thailand, in 2003. Jean-Baptiste Dubois developed his knowledge of bamboo during the two years he spent among the Karen people, in the mountains along the Burmese border.

He learnt the basics of how to use bamboo in constructing buildings and making everyday items. Learning ancestral techniques, mastering tools and discovering this plant-based raw material.
 : This experience, on the other side of the world, were the first steps on this adventure. In 2015, Jean-Baptiste decided on a career change and moved to Lyon. He founded Atelier Déambulons and produced his first creations.

The team


Bamboo craftsman

I founded Atelier Déambulons in 2015 and this labour of love has been my passion ever since.

Fun fact: do not disturb me between 1:40 and 2 o’clock; I’ll be having my nap!


Coordinateur de production 

S'assurer et faire en sorte que tous les process : design, commercial, technique logistique se maillent, aussi vite & bien que nos bambous. 
C'est le role d'un chef d'orchestre. Prévoir, anticiper, réagir, agir, Réussir ! 

Une anecdocte sur mon JOB : Une journée sans bouger le planning, c'est que c'est dimanche !


Sales and administrative coordinator

I handle the development of sales in Southern France and i am an

Anecdotes : Je suis celle qui rit le plus fort ici et j'ai mon propre style de danse.


Sales representative for Paris & Nothern France

Faire en sorte que les contraintes soient des solutions. Juxtaposer les savoirs divers et variés de l'équipe. S'assurer d'être prêt pour tout type de projet ou création.

Anecdocte  : Pour certain projet c'est un vrai jeu de chaises musicales. Ça tombe bien j'adore chanter !


Artisan bamboutier et vannier 

Spécialisé dans le tressage des fibres
végétales, je mets en œuvre les projets bambouesque de l'entreprise à l'atelier comme en chantier.

Anecdote : J'aime motiver les troupes à l'atelier ou en chantier avec des playlists endiablées.



Spécialisé et passionné par le bambou depuis de nombreuses années, je suis principalement sur le terrain pour mettre en œuvre les projets. 

Anecdote : Je suis un expert dans la construction de labyrinthes geantes en bambou 


Commercial Paris 

I handle the development of sales in Paris and Nothern France.

Anecdote : toute rencontre est propice à un projet en bambou !!



I design and format the Atelier Déambulons projects ! 

Fun fact: I like being wrapped up in a tartan rug while i work.


Administrative assistant

J'accueil chaque visiteur de l'atelier par une petite danse "Samba" et je réduit méthodiquement en copeaux les chutes de bambou

Anecdote : On as cru longtemps que j'était un Brac Français des Pyrénées mais en fait je suis juste un très beau croisé