At a crossroads between furniture, scenography
and land art, Atelier Déambulons is specialised
in spatial design and the creation
of custom-made bamboo structures.

Our expertise

Unique bamboo craftsmanship

At Atelier Déambulons, we try to marry the natural lines of bamboo with contemporary design, while respecting the environment. Bamboo strips are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for us. Flexible, lightweight and incredibly durable; we bring all our patience and expertise to bear to make the most of all the benefits offered by this fantastic raw material.

Original projects

Atelier Déambulons’ creations are aimed at architecture and design professionals, daring designers, companies that care about their working environment and the well-being of their teams, landscape professionals seeking know-how that is otherwise hard to find in Europe and individuals looking for originality and comfort. If you are looking for original, contemporary and convivial living spaces, we will certainly have a few ideas for you !

From design to creation

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In accordance with our environmentally responsible approach, we prefer to use bamboo of French origin.We work closely with "bamboo nurseries" in Cévennes and other French producers. For specific requests, we can also use suppliers in Europe and Asia.


In order to meet all our customers’ needs, all our creations are custom-made.The dimensions, shape, mesh, materials and fastenings are all fully adjustable and can be tailored to every environment.


Wire, rivet, screw, black, chrome or red ... We have a number of assembly solutions available to reinforce our structures. Placed at specific joints, these fastenings increase the solidity of our creations. Each one has its pros and cons, and the colour is up to you.


Our creations are available in indoor or outdoor versions. For the outdoor version, the bamboo is treated using an ecological process to ensure lasting resistance to the elements. We also offer a range of materials designed for outdoor use and we can also fireproof our strips for public-access buildings (PAB).


Our creations are always subject to an aesthetic and technical design and research phase.  We have 3D design and graphic creation capacities for this (Rhinoceros software). This know-how enables our customers to better understand the final performance of our creations and ensures our teams can anticipate production constraints.


We only make customised pieces. Depending on time, space or budgetary constraints, we can have our creations delivered by a courier or make them in situ.


Upholstery, ironwork, special paints, structural calculations.Depending on the specific project needs, we work regularly with a group of professional partners specialised in different areas. This ensures impeccable quality for all of our creations.


For some projects, especially events-related, we can call on a team of volunteers provided by the customer to create our structures. This know-how allows us to reduce the costs of a project while involving the events team.

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Nous transmettons nos connaissances à travers des conférences et workshops au sein d'écoles de design, d'architecture ou d'ingénieur. À travers différents ateliers pédagogiques, les étudiants que nous rencontrons travaillent en petits groupes sur des projets concernant l'utilisation des lamelles de bambou. Nous ne faisons pas, pour l'instant, de formation pour les particuliers ou directement à notre atelier.


In order to provide our projects with a dash of colour, we have developed know-how to paint our bamboo strips. Whether painted on all 4 sides or only on the edge, gilded with gold leaf, the possibilities are endless, to ensure the closest possible match to the design and colours of the spaces in which our creations are used. We can also apply special paint for outdoor use.


Fire resistance is fundamental in public-access buildings (PAB).We have acquired the know-how to treat our bamboo strips up to M2 classification standard (fire retardant). We are also working with research laboratories to achieve M1 standard (non-flammable).

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The ability to produce strips from bamboo canes is rare in Europe nd has been at the heart of the Atelier Déambulons business since the very beginning. Today, the strips we offer for sale are between 1 and 3.5 centimetres wide and up to 4 metres long. They are aimed at artisans, joiners, artists and students who wish to integrate bamboo into their creations and also at schools that want to use this material during their workshops.


Atelier Déambulons was a finalist in the 2015 Lyon, City of Entrepreneurs competition.

Le FRENCH DESIGN 100, unique prix de design en France récompensant l’action internationale de designers, s’est donné pour mission de sélectionner les 100 projets de design d’objets & d’espaces qui font rayonner le design français dans le monde.
Ce prix nous fut remis lors d'une cérémonie en janvier 2022 à l'Élysée